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Best 8 Free Gaming Websites (Official) For PC Download in 2024

Playing games on your computer can be really fun. But buying games can cost a lot of money. Let’s talk about how you can find and download fun games for your computer without spending any money.

There are some best website to download pc games for free that let you get free games. These sites check the games to make sure they work right and won’t hurt your computer. I like to use these sites because then I know the games are safe to play.

One website I use lets you download popular free pc games like gta5 and rdr2 for free. You can also find newer games like GTA 6 on this site. There are so many choices! No matter what types of games you like, you can probably find some to download.


With over 120 million gamers using it, Steam is by far the biggest place for computer games. This very popular website lets you choose from over 50,000 different games – there’s something for everyone! Whether you like new games or old classics, Steam makes finding fun free games easy.

The best part is Steam has lots of games you can play for free! Some games on Steam let you play as much as you want without paying. Sometimes Steam lets you try out new games free for a weekend. And during special events, you can check out upcoming games before they’re even released!

Getting free games on Steam is really simple. Just make your free account. Look for games marked “Free To Play” and start playing right away. With new free games coming out all the time, Steam is a great way to game without spending money.

Epic Games Store


Another popular store called Epic Games Store also has great free game options. While smaller than Steam, Epic partners with game makers to offer special deals not found elsewhere.

One big draw is Epic’s weekly free game. Every week, Epic teams up with developers to let you download and keep a paid game 100% free for 1 week. In the past, some of the free weekly games included hits like Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands 3!

Getting those free games from Epic Games Store requires an account. Make your free account, keep an eye out for special weekly deals, and score some fun games. With exclusive offers and giveaways, Epic Games Store is worth checking out.



GOG, which stands for Good Old Games, specializes in fixing up and updating classic older games to work on new computers. So along with the latest titles, GOG helps you play beloved hits from the 80s, 90s, and beyond!

Now, GOG does let members grab select games for free during special events. Sign up for emails to know when new deals pop up. And every game you download from GOG is yours forever – you can play them offline anytime with no restrictions!

If you want to relive favorite childhood games, GOG is a top destination. With occasional free game promotions and a huge library of hits from past decades, GOG nicely complements other free game sites like Steam and Epic.

If you want to find free games that are totally unique, showcases all kinds of experimental indie games. It lets indie game developers share their creative games in any genre with the community.

You’ll discover amazingly different free game options, from adventures to puzzles and everything in between. Popular free releases include the conversation game My So-Called Internet Friends and the retro thriller VirtuaVerse. gives new visionary game makers a place to push boundaries.

Making an account and downloading the free games is super quick. With all kinds of fresh concepts you won’t see elsewhere, is a top spot for groundbreaking free games.

Game Jolt


Game Jolt works as both a place for indie developers to share games and for players to find new games. For over 10 years, Game Jolt has helped indie game creators work together and bring their titles to excited gamers. Just by joining, you can instantly play hundreds of free games.

Some cool popular free games on Game Jolt include classic RPG Arcadian Atlas, party game BipBop III, and sci-fi shooter NEOTOKYO°. Game Jolt also has user profiles, forums, streams, and game jams where indie devs collaborate.

Overall, Game Jolt is great for players seeking new free indie games and developers wanting to share their work. It makes playing and releasing great games with a community easy.

EA App

For fans of top publisher EA, the EA App offers a one-stop shop to access many EA titles across sports, action, adventure and more. While not all EA games are free, many do offer free-to-play options.

Some popular free EA games on the app include battle royale Apex Legends, fantasy RPG The Lord of the Rings Heroes of Middle Earth, and team shooter Heroes & Generals WW2. These are just a few fun free options available.

By putting many EA games in one convenient app, the EA App lets you easily enjoy EA’s latest free title offerings. It delivers easy access to the classic free EA gaming experiences fans love.

Amazon Prime Gaming


If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can access a special gaming bonus called Prime Gaming. This includes free PC games and add-on content for other games, all free with your Prime subscription!

Usually, Prime Gaming offers about 6 free full games each month across different genres. There are also always deals on extra loot like character skins, weapons, bonuses, and more for popular games. In the past, hits like Dead Space 2, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit have been available free through Prime Gaming.

Getting everything from free games to bonuses is simple if you have an Amazon account. Just connect your gaming platforms like Steam. Then each month’s free games are automatically added. Special in-game content also becomes available through Prime Gaming rewards. The extras are awesome for Prime members.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle lets you pay what you want for game bundles, with some of your money going to charity and developers. They team up with studios to offer limited free game promotions for both new and classic PC/Mac games.

Some free game giveaways they’ve distributed include Tacoma, Brutal Legend, Mutazione and other great titles free to keep forever. Grabbing their latest bundles grows your library while supporting charities and devs!

With pay-what-you-want bundles and free game deals, Humble Bundle always has exciting offerings you don’t want to miss out on.

Console Platforms

Many big free multiplayer games now launch across Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC with cross-play support. Top examples are global smash hits Fortnite, party game Fall Guys, and DC hero brawler MultiVersus.

If you play one of these major cross-play titles on a console, you can transfer everything to the PC version too. Cross-connectivity means you can play on whatever platform you want. Huge fanbases unite across all systems, increasing matchmaking speed and game longevity.

Cross-platform availability significantly expands your options for hot new free games. And everybody worldwide gets to play together!

Wrapping Up

As we’ve seen, in 2024 there are so many great sites to find 100% free PC games – from big names like Steam to indie communities like and Game Jolt.

Getting started is super quick and easy. Visit any recommended site, make your free account, and start expanding your gaming library without paying a thing. Claim special promotions, download free-to-play games, grab limited giveaways – there are so many options to land awesome games.

You’ll never have to stress about buying games again or running out of fresh entertainment. Thanks to so many amazing legitimate platforms for safe and legal free pc games downloads, you can stay hooked up with amazing new PC games for free forever! Check out these stellar sites, pick your favorites, and jump into unlimited gaming today.

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