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What Is Vanish Mode In Instagram, How To Use In Instagram DM

Vanish mode lets you send messages on Instagram that go away after you view them. It’s like sending secret messages! When you turn on vanish mode in a chat, any messages you send will disappear after the other person sees them. Once you both close the chat, those messages are gone forever!

Vanish mode works kind of like Snapchat. The messages don’t stick around. They vanish, just like magic! Using vanish mode helps keep your chats more private. Other people can’t go back and read your old messages later on. Vanish mode makes it safer to chat about private stuff.

So if you ever want to send secret messages that don’t stick around, try using vanish mode on Instagram next time! It’s easy and fun.

Why Use Vanish Mode

There are some good reasons to use vanish mode when messaging on Instagram. It keeps your messages extra private. When you turn on vanish mode, your messages disappear forever after you view them. So no one can go back later and snoop on your old messages.

It helps you feel safer messaging people you don’t know well. Strangers can’t send you disappearing messages on Instagram. You can only use vanish mode with people you already follow.

You can discuss private stuff without worrying others might share it. Even if someone takes a screenshot, your message will still vanish when you close the chat. It keeps your messages hidden from anyone else who uses your account. They won’t see your private chats in your messages.

You can talk about secret or personal things, knowing the messages won’t stick around. They’ll be gone forever once you close the chat!

Things to Know

Vanish mode doesn’t work for group chats – only for messages between two people. And you both need to be following each other already.

How To Use Vanish Mode

Turning on vanish mode is easy:

  • First, open Instagram and go to your messages. Pick someone to chat with.
  • Next, swipe up from the very bottom of the screen and hold for a second or two. Keep holding until a circle fills up.

Now your chat screen will turn black. That means vanish mode is on! Anything you send now will disappear after you both close the chat.

Try sending some silly secret messages! Just remember they’ll be gone forever once you leave the chat screen.

Turning Off Vanish Mode

Need to turn off vanish mode? Here’s how: First, go back to the chat where you have vanish mode on. You’ll see a little dotted circle next to the person’s name.

Next, swipe up from the very bottom of the screen and let go when it says to turn off vanish mode. Now your chat will go back to normal. Any regular messages will still be there. But anything you sent in vanish mode is gone forever!

Good To Know

Here are some key things about using vanish mode:

  • – Turning it on also turns it on for the person you’re messaging. You’ll both see your screens change.
  • – It only works with people you follow, not strangers.
  • – It doesn’t work for group chats, only messages between two people.
  • – You’ll get a notification if anyone tries to sneak a screenshot while using vanish mode.
  • – You can still report bad messages sent with vanish mode for up to 2 weeks after. So people can’t get away with sending rude stuff.

Comparing Vanish Mode and Unsending

Vanish mode and unsending messages work differently in some ways:

– Vanish mode makes messages disappear right after you view them. To unsend a message, you have to pick each one to remove.

– If you unsend a message, the other person knows you unsent something. With vanish mode, messages just vanish without a trace!

– Unsending only erases one message. But vanish mode erases the whole chat after you close it.

– You can’t get back messages sent or seen in vanish mode. But people might’ve read unsent messages before they vanished.

Problems With Vanish Mode?

  • Can’t get vanish mode to work? Try this:

– Update Instagram to the newest version.

– Make sure you’re chatting with someone who follows you, not a stranger or group.

– Check you have a good internet connection.

– Close Instagram and restart the app.

– Log out of Instagram and log back in.

– If it’s still not working, delete and reinstall Instagram.

Other Apps With Vanish Messages

Instagram isn’t the only place you can find disappearing messages. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp also have features to make messages vanish. Some apps like Telegram, Signal, and Wickr Me focus on keeping your chats extra secure and private.

Each app works a bit differently. But they all give you options to set messages to delete automatically for privacy.

Vanish Mode Is Useful!

In summary, vanish mode is handy for private conversations on Instagram. It stops messages from being saved after you view them. So you can feel safer chatting about sensitive stuff. Activating it is easy – just swipe up in any chat! Turning it off works the same way with a quick swipe. Vanish mode isn’t perfect. But it lets you talk privately without your messages sticking around forever on someone’s phone or Instagram’s servers.

Try vanish mode next time you want to chat secretly with someone you trust on Instagram. Have fun sending silly messages back and forth that vanish like magic!

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